• Blockchain Technology / Development / Implementation Business

    We analyze and consulting the use cases of blockchain across various industry verticals.
    We develop and utilize blockchain technology to meet your needs. (Increase productivity, cost reduction, accuracy, and etc)

    We analyze and consulting the use cases of blockchain across various industry verticals.

    Advantages of implementation of Blockchain are:
    ・ Transparency
    ・ Preventing Fraud, Counterfeit
    ・ Control Ownership
    ・ Cost Reduction

  • Welfare Token Business

    We provide a system that issues corporate tokens to client companies and distributes to their employees. The corporate tokens represents gratitude or appreciation for their commitments. This system enables to lead further improvement of the company's internal environment, such as the development of business profits of the company, employees’ satisfaction, and lowering the turnover rate.

  • STO Consulting Business

    We provide consultation and STO platform to companies who is interested in STO. We provide total consulting services in primary market. (hearing of company’s needs and target projects, confirmation of STO schedule, STO examination and due diligence.)
    We have a partnership with Blockchain Global Limited, one of the largest blockchain technology companies, and share knowledge and resources to develop various projects.

  • E-Commerce Business

    We will develop an "Electronic Commerce website" where the employees can redeem and purchase products or services with the "Corporate token”.


Initiatives of SDGs in UNI・BLOCK

We will not let anyone left behind!

We support and promote SDGs through our services.

Blockchain technology is a technology that makes what you have never imagined possible. We believe that humankind all over the world will be able to use it easily by actually learning and experiencing the excellence of its technology in the near future.

Our aim is to create an environment that anyone in the world can use easily and user-friendly, and enrich our lives.




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■ Blockchain Technology Consulting Business
■ Corporate Welfare Token Business
■ Corporate Token Issuance Business
■ Employment Benefit Application Business
■ Security Token Offering Consulting Business
■ Management consulting business


Blockchain Global Limited

About BGL (Blockchain Global Limited / Blockshine Technology Corporation) offers businesses proposals for commercialization using blockchain technology, builds blockchain-based platforms, and invests in blockchain-related companies.
URL : https://blockchainglobal.com/


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