STO Consulting Business

  • Security Token Offering Consulting Business

    When discussing "security token = ST" people refer to traditional securities such as stocks and bonds, but security tokens are tokens with blockchain technology and digitized to provide high liquidity and transparency. By leveraging the flexibility of security tokens, companies can discover various elements of corporate value (liquidity, trading potential, investment potential).

    Compared to traditional securities trading, which has little transparency and takes up to 3 days to settle, the advantage of security tokens is that the market is more accessible, more transparent, 24x7 instant trading, and increase the liquidity in the market. These Security tokens can also be customized, and from a compliance standpoint, elements such as KYC and transaction restrictions can be incorporated directly into the tokens. Security tokens can also be classified in various ways, such as having no voting rights or paying the token holders 10% of the adjusted total revenue as dividends.

    For the rapidly growing STO, we will establish a business model with BLOCKCHAIN ​​GLOBAL, and be a global pioneer in providing the STO platform.

  • Asset-backed token use cases down further into the following four categories:

    ■ Debt and equity tokenization
    ■ Asset-Backed Tokens for Commodities
    ■ Hard Assets which are Non-Fungible
    ■ Soft Assets which are Non-Fungible