Welfare Token Business

  • Non-statutory Employment benefit application business

    We construct and introduce a system that makes it easier to view non-statutory benefits provided by the company to which they belong on smartphone.

    It allows their employees to understand the current benefits program and recognize the "unused benefits program” .

    Not only provide an opportunity to solve their problems, but also we believe that it will lead to Increase Company’s Employee satisfactions.

    In addition, by developing and introducing a scoring app for non-statutory benefits, we will improve the content of benefits provided based on data analysis and utilize for HR strategy.

  • Non-statutory benefits items:

    ■ Housing
    ■ Health and medical care
    ■ Condolences / Disasters
    ■ Child care / Nursing care
    ■ Self-development
    ■ Business / Work Environment
    ■ Vacation
    ■ Culture, physical education, recreation
    ■ Financial


Competitive Advantages

HR strategy using data:

Implementing companies can use the data analysis we have obtained free of charge, and can view the welfare usage data of companies in other industries that have introduced the system. Implementers can learn about their own and their competitors' benefits usage and use them in future HR and recruitment strategies. Competitor data does not necessarily disclose data identifying the company name.

Initial installation cost and monthly system fee cost distribution model:

We are considering the introduction of a welfare system for one union and will charge the union for the initial installation fee. It is important for SMEs to keep costs down, rather than charging a single company for initial costs, it provides a model in which unionized companies can diversify costs.